When looking to promote your products or services there is no better a way to capture your audience’s attention than with a well-designed, top quality brochure. Brochure designs can come in all manner of shapes and sizes and serve as a great way to connect with your customers. Brochures grant you a unique opportunity to bring your brand’s story to life while at the same time, detailing all of your products and services. At Omega Print in Perth WA, we give you an opportunity to achieve not only amazing results with full colour brochures; but also make great savings too!

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Design your own or take advantage of our skilled and creative graphic designers

We are as flexible as we are affordable so you can either upload your own artwork if you already have an idea in mind; or alternatively you can ask us to design your new corporate brochure for you! It really is that simple! We have an experienced team of graphic designers that are dedicated to creating some of the most cutting-edge designs on the market; you’d be crazy not to take advantage of our ability to innovate and create.

You can have as little or as much input as you like; if you already have a design in mind: great- if you’d like for us to help and advise you: even better! We pride ourselves in being one of the leading experts for business brochure printing in Perth. We also offer the most options when it comes down to how you want your brochure design to look and feel.

These are a few ways for you to make your brochure design the very best that it can be:

Quickly create intrigue – First impressions are everything so if you really want to make your brochure as desirable as possible then it is important to make the front cover punchy and eye-catching with an evident reason for the reader to explore further. Make your point in as few words as possible and really capture your customer’s attention off the cuff.

Keep it simple – If you flood your brochure with too much information it can turn a customer off and cause them to lose interest. Remember that a brochure is simply an overview of your products or services – you don’t need to overdo it with pages of information for each product; make your point and highlight the key features that will intrigue your customer.

Utilise headlines – Remember that very few people will sit down and browse through a brochure thoroughly – if you make your headlines prompt, visible and concise it will allow your customers to browse through your brochure quickly and easily identify what it is that they are looking for: demonstrate why your products and services are important to them.

Use personalised words – A clever tactic is to always address the reader as “you”. This engages the customer and makes them feel more involved as opposed to something like: “Hello customers” – that is the sort of corporate sounding phrase that generalises and can tend to render the customer feeling somewhat detached and unimportant. You want your customers to feel as special to you, as you are to us. (See how you felt all warm and fuzzy there?)

Include a call to action – Be assertive and let it be known exactly what you want your customer to do next. Do you want them to call you? Visit your website? If you clearly state what you want your customers to do it can significantly increase your rate of conversion to sales. “Call now for your free consultation!”

Generate urgency – IT IS ABSOLUTELY VITAL THAT YOU GIVE YOUR READER REASON TO REACT! If you give you customers a timetable or a deadline it will prompt them to respond quicker. “Call today,” “Don’t miss out” or “Buy now” are some great examples of this.

Know your purpose – Why are you creating this brochure? What is your endgame? If you don’t know why you’re making it, your brochure will do you no good at all – Many companies make the mistake of creating a brochure because they feel as though it is the ‘right thing to do’. How will this brochure benefit you? What products or services do you intend to advertise specifically? And most important of all: Who is your target audience and how will you distribute the brochure to them? All of these questions should be considered in the very beginning as they will ultimately help you in the design process and contribute toward creating the best possible end product.