Catalogue design to perfectly represent your business

When you decide that catalogue printing is right for your business, you’re taking a step in the direction of being a reference for customers for a long time. Catalogues are noted for their broad audience reach when compared to other media channels. A catalogue is an extension of your brand, so customers will assume that the quality of your catalogues design equals the quality of your business.

 It’s important that your catalogue quickly communicates an impactful message, while delivering relevant information to potential clients. And because they are more inclusive than smaller mailings, catalogues are the best way to communicate awareness and brand importance.

Quality range and affordable prices

Catalogue Printing Options


Custom sizes

Stock Pape

Inside: A huge variety to choose from.
Cover: Can be thicker than the inside pages or same as the other pages. This is commonly referred to as “magazine”.


Perfect bound
Saddle stitch
Other binding types such as Wiro or Comb binding are also available upon request.

Catalogue printing tips:

  • Catalogue design –

    Your catalogue design can be a major factor in terms of gaining trust and generating results. And with our attention to detail and superior quality, our Perth Printing Service, is the place to have your catalogues printed.

  • Editorial content –

    Create a short piece of content that will show your customers why they should buy your product or service? Be unique and different!

  • Catalogues for seasonal demands –

    Highlight seasonal inventory and specials on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

  • Use the catalogues formatting

    – A catalogue gives customers an in-depth look at your products and services. Incorporate branding and style from your website and social media sites so that your catalogue becomes a representation of who you are and what you’re offering.

  • Appropriate catalogue finishing

    – A glossy finish makes pictures and logos stand out from the competition, but be mindful that if you are mailing it that there are certain finishes that will make it harder for people to write on.

  • Other catalogue touch points –

While they can stand alone, catalogues are great drivers of other marketing endeavours. New websites, social media pages and more. Give your customers a chance to connect with you when they have time, or to even brag about you to others.

For Further information on our catalogue printing services and design options, please contact our friendly office on 08 9470 1964.