Carbonless Invoice

It’s time to shred those messy carbon layers and take a step into the future of invoicing with carbonless invoice books made exclusively by Omega Printing in Perth. You can reap all of the benefits of carbonless invoice books by producing several copies of an original document all at once! This cuts down a significant amount of time and effort – where you used to have to write out a document several times; with carbonless books you only have to write it out the once.
That is what Omega Print is all about: supplying our customers with top quality products that are designed to help you run your business with greater ease and efficiency – simple! When running a business there are a million and one things to think about; something as easy as switching to carbonless invoicing can really help cut down on time allowing you and your staff to focus your time on other areas

Quality range and affordable prices

Reduce time and effort spent with Printed Carbonless Invoice Books

In two effortless steps, you can write your information down and give one copy to your customer. The top sheets of your printed invoice books are perforated for easy separation to give to clients, while the bottom is kept for your records. The pages in between are shaded in different colours to create a unique colour coding system that you can implement however way you want; for example, you can give the yellow sheet to your customer, the blue sheet to your supplier, and keep the white sheet for your department.

Why chose Carbonless over Carbon Paper? A Brief History….

You may be wondering why you should chose carbonless over carbon when it comes to your invoice books and we’ll compare the two so that you can make up your own mind.
If you’re all about the old school: using carbon paper was the first form of electronic-free document copying, (though it doesn’t necessarily make it the best) the paper is coated on the one side with a dark, inky substance that is made up of carbon; this is what makes the copy of the original document when used.
You put a sheet in between the original document and a blank sheet of paper that you would like the new copy to print onto. Following that you would type or write on the original, then after applying pressure the ink is transferred from the underside onto the blank sheet: hence creating your ‘carbon copy’.

This method of copying was first used early in the 19th century with the stylographic writer. Some 50 years afterwards an inventor by the name of Christopher Latham Sholes produced an innovating typewriting machine that used carbon paper as part of its function – it was a revolutionary invention that made life a lot easier and saved a lot of time when making copies of certain documents, however it was soon replaced by Carbonless or NCR paper.  Interestingly Mr Sholes was also the inventor of the QWERTY keyboard which we all still rely on to this day.

Carbonless truly is a better and more efficient alternative to carbon paper as it is both biodegradable and stain free, and it is also much easier to transfer. When pressure is applied using a pencil or a pen there is a chemical reaction that creates a number of copies on the pages below (all depending on how many sheets are in the pad.)
That is the beauty of carbonless: often you will need to create more than one copy at a time – so rather than using carbon paper,  with carbonless you are able to make multiple copies at the same time (typically in pads of 2,3,4 or more sheets – one white, followed by various other colours)

Customise your carbonless books for your business

You can use Carbonless Printed Books to help you record your sales orders, to produce receipts and invoices, delivery slips and other information that you need to be duplicated and distributed. We offer printed carbonless books that are very affordably priced and can also be customised to have your very own company logo emblazoned on the papers. This makes them not only a handy stationary essentiality but also a clever marketing tool for your business.
Our carbonless printed invoice books are available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from DL to A4, or if needs be even bigger. They come bound loosely or in a booklet. Contact us today to order your very own customised carbonless invoice books.